The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump (Full Version)

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump

Donald Trump and three men

Full-length Dutch documentary explains the Donald Trump connection to Russia, Vladimir Putin, Russian oligarchs and the Russian mob.

You gotta love Facebook. A friend posted the original in a group message. Curious, I was taken to the website, It was on this website that I learned that the documentary was shown on a Dutch television program called Zembla.

The Zembla website shows more supporting documentation of Donald Trump’s business associates, pending/ongoing lawsuits, and dossiers.

According to Zembla:

ZEMBLA is investigating another explosive dossier concerning Trump’s involvement with the Russians: Trump’s business and personal ties to oligarchs from the former Soviet Union. Powerful billionaires suspected of money laundering and fraud, and of having contacts in Moscow and with the mafia. What do these relationships say about Trump and why does he deny them? How compromising are these dubious business relationships for the 45th president of the United States? And are there connections with the Netherlands? ZEMBLA meets with one of Trump’s controversial cronies and speaks with a former CIA agent, fraud investigators, attorneys, and an American senator among others.

The site shows the documentary in two parts but, you gotta love the Internet. I was able to score the entire film on YouTube.

So without further ado:

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians and The King of Diamonds.

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