Enter Darth Vadar

Darth Vadar – The First TimeDarth Vadar Helmet

The first time I saw Darth Vadar was in a preview shown just before The Omen.

There was a lot of excitement in the theater. The crowd was waiting to watch a movie about a little boy, with Gregory Peck, snarling Rottweillers, a crazy-eyed priest, an evil nanny and who of course was the son of the devil but when this preview started, oh man.  A new sci-fi flick was coming out and it looked a hell of a lot better than Logan’s Run. But I digress.

Star Wars Trailer (1977)

OK, so the trailer looks a bit cheesy compared to today’s standards but while New York was dealing with the Son of Sam, I was in Pittsburgh, standing in line down the street and around the corner, waiting to see this new movie, Star Wars.

Entre Vous, Lord Vadar

We all know how the movie starts: scrolling text, tiny spaceship fleeing from a very big spaceship. The tiny ship’s engines are fired by the big ship’s lasers. They’re doomed. Tractor beams engaged. 

 How do we know this? Because there’s a big clanking sound and everyone is looking up at the ceiling. OK?

No sooner does the crew realize they are being boarded, sparks come flying from a door at the end of the hall…hence all the kneeling and pointing laser guns in the direction of the sparkly door.

There’s smoke everywhere and the door is no more. Then in walks …Darth Vadar. The baddest dressed sci-fi villain I’ve seen since Ming the Merciless. Despite what Edna might have to say, and I don’t care, there’s just something about a cape. 


I rest my case, Edna.

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