Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Using Kitchen Scraps

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 Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

There’s a way to grow your own vegetable garden that is inexpensive, easy to do and in the long run, saves money.

Today for some reason, maybe to price of lettuce, I decided that I wanted to start a garden on my balcony. So I went YouTube to do a little research on growing a vegetable garden and found this gem of a video that you see above.

 Had I known how easy it was to start my own vegetable garden,  using kitchen scraps no less, I would have done it a long time ago!

I’m also surprised by the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in containers.  It’s really easy and doesn’t require a lot of space or special tools to get started.

Introducing LarryGrow_Vegetable_Garden_lettuce2

Larry was adopted from a wilted head of leaf lettuce that once upon a time had only one destination – the trash bin.

How To Get Started

All you need is a sharp knife/scissors, small glass container, and water.

  • Discard wilted leaves
  • Trim bottom with scissors/knife
  • Place in glass container
  • Add water

So, here’s to starting a vegetable garden in the middle of New York City.

Today a head of lettuce was spared from a landfill.

Next week, who knows?

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