Wonder Woman 2017 – It’s About Damn Time

Wonder Woman!woman looking over the horizon

I found out about Wonder Woman in the comic books my brothers left behind before they went back to prep school. I wouldn’t, no, couldn’t touch them when they were around. Well not unless our mother yelled at them to “Be fair”. “Fair?”, they asked. “Tell the little brat to get a summer job!”  I’m not sure what employment was available for 4th graders but that’s siblings for you.

Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated by female characters who didn’t need rescuing. I don’t have to tell you, Lois Lane was boring.

Wonder Woman!

Superman would always have to show up to rescue her dumb ass because she went somewhere she wasn’t supposed to go BY HERSELF, knocking over vases and chairs to be detected. So Superman would fly in to save the day, Lois was either tied up in a chair or cowering in a corner.  If your hands are untied, pick up a lamp, hit somebody over the head with something, damn!

Again, I digress.

Oh yes, fascinated,…ok, so I’m in 4th grade reading about these mythical women from the Amazon who live on an island without men. As the only girl, along with my mom, of course, living with two older brothers and my dad, I’m liking this island. The women are athletic, they get along with one another and they are as strong if not stronger than men. Another plus in the mind of a 4th grader.

Get Us Out From Under

Looking back, I think I knew a lot of Amazons – my mom, Miss Price, Miss Jenkins, Miss… anyway, I guess this is why I couldn’t understand why the women in the comics were white. Wasn’t the Amazon in South America? And weren’t Amazonians dark? We didn’t have Google back then but there were libraries and encyclopedias you could buy with S&H Green stamps. I was a bit confused.

So, in 1975*, Wonder Women leaps off the page of the comics and onto our TV sets with a snazzy theme song no less.

The New Original Wonder Woman 1975 (Original film opening excerpt)

*This is you don’t count 1974, Cathy Lee Cosby as Wonder Woman and trust me, we don’t.

Wonder Woman!  (2017)

After 43 years from 1st being introduced on the small screen, Wonder Woman finally gets her own movie and it looks good. See ya at the movies!

Wonder Woman Trailer 2017 Movie – Official

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